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Graceminster Kennels have moved and are now at The Grange. Not too far away from our last home and still in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside.

Our hounds now have a large stoned-walled paddock where they play safely and happily at their leisure. In addition to their play area, there is still access to stimulating country walks.

All hounds live indoors, in this environment they become acclimatised to all the household sounds and scents.

In short, The Grange provides the most all-encompassing and idyllic place for hounds to live.

Over the past 40 years, Graceminster Kennels have re-homed numerous adult Bloodhounds. I have also been successful in the show ring and breeding, achieving a breeders stud book accolade from the Kennel Club. 

I worked for some years at Idexx Laboratories which gave me very valuable experience in biochemistry. My specialism was in diagnostics and thus increased my previous veterinary knowledge.

I do not breed for profit but to ensure strong and healthy pups whose bloodlines will provide for the future.

Some perspective owners may want a hound for tracking or perhaps to take to shows but not everyone wants either of those. However there are those who derive much enjoyment from such events. On the other hand, it must be said that hounds make excellent family pets and loyal companions.

Once suitability has been established and a Graceminster puppy has been booked, I welcome the future owners to visit if possible. It is a good way to see how our hounds live and to ask any questions too. Once you have taken your puppy home, you become part of the Graceminster hound family, which means you will have our full support with anything throughout your hound’s life.

All help and advice is always available.

Having been dedicated to these hounds for over 4 decades, I am fully experienced in canine husbandry and spare no expense when raising a litter.

Our renovations of The Grange plus the lockdowns meant that no litters were planned, all dog shows and trials were cancelled. Graceminster will still continue to be a small family run kennel which works hard to provide these magnificent hounds the very best in life.

Bloodhound Puppies

For People Collecting Puppies

At Graceminster our aim is to find the very best homes for our puppies. We want to ensure that all prospective owners can continue to raise the puppy as we do, diet, exercise etc. It is most important that all these needs are understood because a bloodhound or a basset are not necessarily the right breeds for everyone.

If you have a long distance to travel when collecting your puppies you may prefer to stay overnight, we are able to provide accommodation should you wish to stay here.

Graceminster Accommodation
Graceminster Accommodation
Graceminster Accommodation

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    Bloodhound Puppies

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